The Pacific Womens Network is committed to

  • gender equality and women’s empowerment for Pacific Islander women and girls
  • promoting and supporting women’s leadership, lifelong learning, professional development and girls’ education
  • amplifying the voices, stories and achievements of Pacific Islander women and girls

Why? Because they are the keys to women’s empowerment and women’s empowerment is the key to development more broadly. Because we know that collaboration, innovative action and structural change are needed to achieve gender equality and that Gender Based Violence is low where gender equality is high.

We are relentless in highlighting the strength and resilience; talent and skills; hopes and dreams of Pacific Islander women and girls.  They are inspiring and generating positive and generational change in their communities, the region and globally.

The Pacific Women’s Network has a unique value proposition. We identified the regional need for an online resource hub supported by an engaged and growing people’s movement. We are meeting that need. As social innovators and change agents, we are harnessing the transformative power of collaboration, social media and e-publishing.

We believe in the power of collaboration and connection. We believe in the transformative power of education.

We curate safe and welcoming, supportive and inclusive social media. Our online platforms are participatory forums for women’s writing, peer-to-peer support and knowledge-sharing.

We are

  • celebrating women leaders, change makers, thought and practice leaders
  • promoting knowledge and opportunity exchange, people to people and organisational linkages
  • sharing the latest on leadership and innovation, professional development and business, government and community good practice
  • amplifying the voices, achievements and impact of Pacific Islander women and girls.

Our vibrant social media connects Pacific Islander women and girls to:

  • an accessible on-line FB platform for sharing regional and global work and study opportunities; professional development and leadership resources; latest thinking and good practice
  • forums for co-creating innovation and positive social change
  • established and emerging professional networks and organisations for sharing professional expertise and experience
  • research and joint action on regional and global social, economic and environmental challenges
  • campaigns for positive social change #includepasifika  #careershavenogender #leavenoonebehind
  • stories of inspirational women and girls from the Pacific Islands and beyond.

Our ‘wallpaper of consciousness’ approach + resource hub has created:

  • inspiring social media showcasing the strength, resilience and courage of Pacific Islander women
  • a free monthly Mini-Mag
  • e and printed resources promoting women’s empowerment, girls’ education and lifelong learning
  • quality merchandise inspiring consciousness raising, confidence building and skills development
  • a participatory website for the voices of Pacific Islander women and girls.
  • leadership and professional development publications providing the latest on leadership, career guidance, professional development and business, government and community good policy and organisational practice
  • train the trainer and in-house skills building workshops i communications, media, conflict resolution and project management.

We are the region’s fastest growing online community of Pacific Islander women and girls

Our on-line network of 152K+ (as at February 2019) includes women and girls from 40+ countries including 20 countries across Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia. We repost  from over 100 organisations. With women reposting this information to their networks, our reach and momentum and impact increases exponentially.

Our on-line community is highly engaged

“I love the Pacific Women’s Network because it helps our local women’s network in PNG as we learn to move our network to this level.”

“It is encouraging and really does open our eyes to the possibilities out there for pacific Islanders – we can do anything men can do.”

“Thanks for reposting so many opportunities, news and happenings.”

“I started the online course with Stanford University for women’s rights and health that you reposted. It’s free and to me it’s a blessing.”

“I like the Pacific Women’s Network because it promotes standing and working together, learning from each other, strengthening one another in all walks of life in the Pacific.”

We are a not for profit, an award winning team

Thelma Ninjipa Kavanamur, Adi Mariana Waqa, ‘Aulola ‘Ake, Bree Davis, Lizzie Kennedy and Dimity Fifer, with Professor Judyth Sachs and Professor Bob Meyenn from our Board, are the Pacific Women’s Network team. Our Board is chaired by Dimity Fifer with Members, Professor Judyth Sachs and Professor Bob Meyenn.

Between us we have decades of successful small business, academic, research, consultancy and journalist experience and held high-level CEO and senior executive roles. Our team members have won awards in PNG, Tonga and Australia. An Australian not-for-profit company is a registered charity with ACNC in Australia. We are based in Melbourne, Australia with representation in PNG, Tonga and Fiji.