“I would like to give you more than five!”, said Winy when we asked about her five steps for success. Winy Marango works with CARE as the Project Manager for the Ambae Volcano Response. Previously she was the Program Quality Coordinator and Acting, Managing Director at FashionHER Bag and Manymore. She is the Interim Chair for the Vanuatu YouthWEB Network;  a member of the Vanuatu Climate Action Network Steering Committee and a participant in the Queen’s Young Leaders program.

Passionate about fashion, community, youth development and advocacy programs that are focused on gender,  Winy looks to women leaders in Vanuatu and around the Pacific for inspiration. She says that “Being a part of the Queen’s Young Leaders program has meant we have shared our experiences and enhanced our skills in our individual work across the Commonwealth”.

Her top advice is to believe in yourself because successful people work from the inside out! So what are Winy’s steps for success? She says that she went through the following steps and they have transformed her life.

Step 1: Believe you can succeed and you will: think success, don’t think failure.
Step 2: Build Confidence and Destroy Fear: it’s only imagination. Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be afraid of.
Step 3: Dream Creativity – every forward step made in the conquest of space was the result of creative thinking.
Step 4: You are what you think you are – it’s obvious.
Step 5: Manage your Environment – your mind is an amazing mechanism.
Step 6: Make your Attitudes your Allies – can you read minds? Reading minds is actually easier than you may think.
Step 7: Think Right toward people – all success depends on the support of other people.
Step 8: Use Goals to help you grow – the important thing is not where you were, or where you are, but where you want to get to.
Step 9: Think like a leader – remind yourself again that you are not pulled to high level of success. Rather, you are lifted there by those working beside and below you.

We’re loving Winy’s energy and drive!

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